Are you getting the right exposure?

You've created a killer VisualCV, and now you want to use it to find a job. How do you know you're getting the right exposure? Here are some tips to position yourself most effectively for the right opportunity:

  • Complete your VisualCV. A VisualCV that is closer to being 100% complete is more likely to be found in search results and provides enough information to show recruiters and employers that you are a good fit for the opening they have. Tell me how to complete my VisualCV
  • Choose the right privacy setting. Be sure your VisualCV's privacy setting is set to either "Anyone" or "People I share with." (The "Only me" setting prevents anyone from finding you on VisualCV.) Tell me more about privacy settings
  • Allow employers and professionals to search for you. Even with the appropriate VisualCV privacy setting, prospective employers who search the Professionals directory won't find you unless you select the "Allow employers to search" display setting on the Privacy Settings page. Remember that many jobs are found by networking with peers, so be sure to set the "Allow professionals to search" display setting too. Tell me how
  • Target your career interests. Select the industries you are most interested in and the categories that best represent your profession. Specifying this information increases your visibility on VisualCV. These selections help recruiters and companies find you more easily for openings they may have. In addition, these selections enable you to more easily network with your colleagues in your field of expertise and help to identify relevant job search results for you. Tell me how
  • Post your VisualCV URL to social networks. You can use your public VisualCV's URL just about anywhere to enhance your presence in online communities. Tell me how
  • Share your VisualCV. Share your VisualCV with employers and professionals in your field via email or from within VisualCV. Craft your email greeting carefully to entice recruiters and employers to click through to your VisualCV. If you are sharing directly to a recruiter or employer within VisualCV, make sure that your title as it appears in the Professionals directory matches the job opening and that your location is the same city as the opening.┬áRemember, you can have multiple VisualCVs, each customized for an opening. Tell me how to share my VisualCV
  • Promote yourself. Add a button to your outgoing emails so that anyone receiving job related emails from you can easily access your VisualCV. You never know who could help you find your next job! Create my button
  • Keep you contact information current. Looking to relocate? Update your contact information to reflect the place you would like to work. Tell me how
  • Take advantage of resources to help you prepare for your job search. See our Marketplace to access resume writers, career coaches, and more! (Login required.) Tell me more

To select career interest categories:

  1. Get Hired | Career InterestsClick the triangle next to Get Hired on any VisualCV page, and then click Career Interests.
  2. In the Choose your professions list, select up to five professions that best represent your skills and experience. We will display your selections on your Professionals page listing, and employers will be able to find you more easily when they search the directory by profession.
  3. In the Choose your target industries list, select up to five industries in which you are interested in pursuing opportunities. We will use your selections to tell you about companies who are hiring for those industries, and employers will be able to find you more easily when they search the directory by industry.
  4. Click Save My Career Interests.

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